8×10 colored pencil on illustration board



The Grey Mare
6×9″ graphite on drawing paper

I’ve missed a couple of daily drawings, but I hope to keep it up!


Almost done! Just the neck and the background to do. Time to take a break and finish in the morning.


A second update; a little more of the face done. I like to finish the eye first. If I can’t get the eye right, there’s no point in moving forward. Then I work in small sections around that, leaving the intimidating big sections like the neck for last.


A work in progress of my latest pencil drawing. 11×14″ on vellum Bristol board.

Friesian Gelding

11×14″ charcoal drawing

A Drawing A Day

Welcome to my blog! I am going to be posting my artwork on here from now on. I am going to attempt to do a drawing a day to get lots of practice in and I’ll post them here. So look forward to my daily drawings, commissioned p portraits, and any other projects I have!

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